Full Length Album No Heroes released December 14, 2021


Killer Punk Album By A Real Punk...

This album tells it like it is...10 out of 10 on the awesome meter... Dennis Rocks!!

Wicked album Dennis...The new songs kick ass. A beautiful package perfect for the age we live in...

Question Everything EP released March 23, 2021


The song You're Being Watched was described as The Ramones meet Stiff Little Fingers by a follower on Twitter.

Has been described as "Wicked EP" & "High Energy Sweetness"

Insatany EP released May 29, 2020

some reviews of the EP from twitter followers

"pure unadulterated raw visceral hard hitting punk"

"This is Punk, and punk at its best, Cracking EP"

"Six awesome Punk tunes"

"Time for fresh and angry punk!"

"One amazing EP"

"Best yet"

some reviews of the single 12 Years from twitter followers

"Quintessential Hardcore Punk"

"Punk Rock Personified"

"Banging single"

"Hits you over the head with a blast of irresistible punk energy and the world is a better place for it"

Full Length Album Tyranny of the Few released Oct. 11 2019

from a review in Clouzine 17

"Some of the people surrounding me are giving me strange looks. Some people are dancing. This is exactly the effect this record should have on a population. I have written previously in Clouzine of my appreciation of this band. This is not a record for the squeamish. It comes from a rare source. That source is honesty, it is rebellion, it is the source of rock & roll that has survived and evolved from the first barre chord ever played through a Fender or Marshall amplifier.
You know what? While listening to these short sonic bombs, I received a revelation. This is an album of love songs. Not sentimental. Not even romantic. The songs here are written from a desperate love of humankind. like the work of Whitman, they are written for the future. That is assuming there is a future.
Those who attempt to control the thoughts and actions of the citizens of the world (especially the young) will not be fans of This Side of Anarchy. We live in a dangerous and beautiful world of opposites that requires us to never give up. Our representatives are the artists who hold the torches and cut the paths to justice.
This record may be disturbing to some. It may be therapy for others. The truth is, as a society, we need artists like this. In times of struggle we have always had courageous voices come forth to light the fires of freedom from the Tyranny of the Few.
Let us open our hearts and minds to listen before it is too late." Reviewed by Joe Kidd

EP "Devils May Pass" released Dec 14, 2018


Clouzine 13
from the review by Joe Kidd
... The approach here is hardcore with a capital H.. The songs are filled with the passion of bands like Black Flag, The Clash, Rage Against The Machine. Nothing watered down, nothing censored, it's nonstop crushing guitar with volume and distortion turned up all the way. I even hear the occasional echo of early Metallica in certain phrasings.  

This collection includes 8 songs, it has a total running time of just over 11 minutes. (You thought The Ramones wrote short songs). Dennis Reed does not waste his time, or yours. He understands that our lives are short, and all of our endeavors are political He realizes the responsibility. He realizes the urgency. Yeah mister - We remember when rock music was designed to rebel against the status quo of big corporations, not load their bank accounts on the backs of the artists.

EP "I Have a Plan" released July 13, 2017


Full length album 1917 released Dec 13, 2013

This Side of Anarchy is on VIAble UTTerance records