This Side of Anarchy is from Los Angeles and currently consists of Dennis who writes, performs, records, and produces everything and has always been committed to a total do-it-yourself attitude. He began to learn guitar around age 16 and after a few years began playing in a band called Stripes in the early 80's then a band called Nexxt in the mid 80's. Then shorly after relocating to L.A. in the late 80's he joined Southern California Punk Band Society Gone Madd!. During the early 90's he was also playing in the bands Three Women in Black and Man Can't Live and was tearing it up playing in 3 bands during that time period.

So after writing, recording and touring from the early 80's to the millennium, Dennis needed to take some time off to refresh and help raise his family. Dennis is now angrier than ever at how bad society is and is expressing it through his music.

This Side of Anarchy is currently working on their 4th album after recently completing their latest album titled Devils May Pass

For a more in depth look at Dennis' biography and introduction to him chronicling his music career so far, check out this video on YouTube.

This Side of Anarchy is on VIAble UTTerance records