Hardcore Punk Rock inspired by the messed up beginning of the 21st century.

Described as "nothing watered down, nothing censored, it's nonstop crushing guitar... Fast Punk... comes from a rare source ... honesty, rebellion."
I do everything totally DIY, please support me by listening to or buying my music & letting your friends know about me thru social media & word of mouth.

New album! Tyranny of the Few available on EVERYWHERE NOW!

from a review in Clouzine 17

"Some of the people surrounding me are giving me strange looks. Some people are dancing. This is exactly the effect this record should have on a population. I have written previously in Clouzine of my appreciation of this band. This is not a record for the squeamish. It comes from a rare source. That source is honesty, it is rebellion, it is the source of rock & roll that has survived and evolved from the first barre chord ever played through a Fender or Marshall amplifier.
You know what? While listening to these short sonic bombs, I received a revelation. This is an album of love songs. Not sentimental. Not even romantic. The songs here are written from a desperate love of humankind. like the work of Whitman, they are written for the future. That is assuming there is a future.
Those who attempt to control the thoughts and actions of the citizens of the world (especially the young) will not be fans of This Side of Anarchy. We live in a dangerous and beautiful world of opposites that requires us to never give up. Our representatives are the artists who hold the torches and cut the paths to justice.
This record may be disturbing to some. It may be therapy for others. The truth is, as a society, we need artists like this. In times of struggle we have always had courageous voices come forth to light the fires of freedom from the Tyranny of the Few.
Let us open our hearts and minds to listen before it is too late." Reviewed by Joe Kidd

This Side of Anarchy is on VIAble UTTerance records